What is stocktickr?

January 25th, 2006

Good question. I think we’re at a point where we can take the covers off some of what we are doing. Stocktickr is an incredibly easy way for you to store and share your watchlists.

How many times have you added a stock to a watchlist and then returned to it a month later having absolutely no idea why you added it in the first place? Did you have a long or short outlook on the stock? How has it performed since you added it?

When you add a stock to stocktickr, a couple important things occur:

  1. The current price of the stock is captured
  2. The current price of the S&P 500 index is captured

This allows you to see how a stock has performed since you added it to stocktickr. Has it reached a more attractive buy point? Has the bottom fallen out? Or has it simply underperformed the market?

Tag your Watchlist

When you add a stock to Stocktickr, you also have the ability to assign tags to it, much like the popular site del.icio.us for bookmarks. For example, you might use the following tags when adding a stock:

long, Good EPS, Long Term Hold

Not only does this allow you to organize your watchlists in interesting ways, but you can view your watchlist’s performance by tag (e.g. How have stocks with the Good EPS tag performed compared to those with other tags?)

Look Over the Shoulders of Traders Like Yourself

All stocks in Stocktickr are shared among all users. You’ll be able to view the stocks that every user has tagged with “Good EPS” or “Expansion” or any of the hundreds of tags people use to trade stocks. You might even learn a thing or two as you rub shoulders with other stocktickr users.

Features, features, features

There is a slew of new features that we’ll be adding over time (there’s one that we’ll be announcing very soon on this blog – stay tuned!).

Getting on Stocktickr

As we continue to work to scale Stocktickr as more users join, we’ll be releasing more and more invites. If you want to take Stocktickr for a spin, keep watching this blog and add yourself to the announcement list (on the upper left hand side of this page). Invites are going out to members of the announcement list first. Also, current Stocktickr users all should have invites by now, so if you know someone that’s on it you can ask them for an invite.

Happy Trading!

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