Dave Landry Posting “Landry List” to StockTickr

June 21st, 2006

Dave Landry, the popular swing trader whom I interviewed early on, has started posting his “Landry List” to StockTickr. The Landry List consists of several stocks daily whose charts have interesting patterns given the current market conditions. In fact, a few stocks from this list appear in his Swing Trading newsletter that he sends out daily.

In Dave’s words:

The Landry List is derived by running a very loose parameter pullback type scan (email me if you need a copy). This scan is run on a database of nearly 7,000 stocks daily. It produces on average, between 500-900 stocks. I then look at each and every one of these stocks and cull out those that look interesting. In addition to my patterns, things such as (but not limited to) sector action, volatility, liquidity, ability for the stock to trade cleanly, and bigger picture patterns are considered. Additional stocks may also be found doing in depth sector analysis. For instance, if several stocks are setting up within a sector, I then “tool though” that entire sector looking to see if I may have overlooked any.

Keep in mind that this is NOT a direct recommendation to buy or sell short the following. It is simply where I’m finding stocks of interest. It is my “short list” of stocks from which I cull further.

You can follow the Landry List by using this address: http://www.stocktickr.com/davelandry/

Of course, the standard legal disclaimer applies.

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