What DID the Chart Look Like?

July 17th, 2006

The decision to buy or sell a stock for me depends a great deal on what the stock’s chart looks like. I would certainly feel blind not having a chart to look at. In fact, many of my buying decisions come directly from a chart. I’ll always look at the current chart before adding a stock to StockTickr or taking a position in a stock.

Let’s say you add a stock to StockTickr and then come back in a week to check on it. You can see the current chart, but it’s often helpful to see what the chart looked like when you originally starting tracking the stock. Is the reason you added the stock still valid?

This is the main motivation for adding the most recent feature to StockTickr. When you add a stock to StockTickr, a current monthly chart will be automatically retrieved and stored in your watchlist. This allows you to easily glance at what the chart looks like now versus what it looked like when you originally added it. This will also work even if you add a stock using Email Submit, a.k.a, the StockTickr Email API.

Hat tip to TraderMike and Richard from movethemarkets.com for this suggestion. If there are any other suggestions around this feature or anything else in StockTickr, feel free to leave them in the comments or contact me.

Here’s a screenshot:

current chart versus historical chart

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