Monthly Trading Results – September 2006

September 30th, 2006

Like other traders out there, I’m glad September is over. It seems like everyone is looking forward to October thinking things will get better – even moreso than the yearning we heard for September back in August.

Here’s my trading journal calendar from September:

Trading Calendar for September

Things were going pretty well in the first part of the month and then things just stagnated. The last three days I traded this month I gave a good bit of gains back. Here’s my cumulative R for the month:

September 2006 Cumulative R

My expectancy and win rate were down from August, but I’m still positive for this month so I feel very fortunate about that. I’ve learned so much about trading over the last two months. I’m taking two main points away from September: one is that I need to work on having the discipline to stay out of the market on non-trending days. The other point has to do with timeframes (15 versus 30 minute charts) that I’ll devote a post to later.

Important Note: I’ll be changing brokers on Monday, so I won’t be trading. This, of course, means that the market will trend like no other that day – watch for it. 😉 (There were two days I was unable to trade in August – one was this day which would’ve been a great day to dummy trade.)

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