Trading Journal Calendar View Added

October 2nd, 2006

I’ve already posted some images of the calendar feature I’ve added to the StockTickr Trading Journal and I finally released it today. It’s a calendar view of your trading journal and it gives a unique view of your trading. It’s available now for all StockTickr Pro subscribers.

Trading Calendar for September

The green days show days where you made money and the red days show days where you lost money. The darker the color, the more extreme the gains or losses were compared with your largest gains or losses for the month. Just click on the day of the month to show the journal details of those particular trades.

Calendar Link

I’ve been using this calendar view for about a month now and it has definitely helped me keep things in perspective. For example, I remember there were a couple days where I had three losing trades in a row. At that moment, it seemed like my trading world was falling apart. During those times, looking at this calendar view allowed me to visualize the fact that my biggest winning trades are always bigger than my largest losing trades.

It has helped me keep the big picture in focus even when I’m suffering through a losing trade.

You can share your StockTickr Trading Calendar with the world or keep it private. Here’s a link to mine if you’re interested.

We’ll be adding some more features to the calendar view soon.

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