How to Start an Investment Club or Advisory Service with StockTickr

November 14th, 2006

StockTickr Pro users have the ability to start their own investment club or advisory service right within StockTickr. Let’s say that I’m a super-duper stock picker and that every stock I select turns to gold (not the case for me!).

If I wanted to let only certain people access my picks here’s how I’d do it:

When you add a stock to StockTickr, StockTickr Pro users have the ability to mark a trade as “private”:

Marking Trade as Private

Marking a trade as private prevents anyone else from seeing that trade – unless you add them as one of your “subscribers”. To do that, go to your subscribers page and add their username.

Any users that you add will be able to go to and see all private picks from any user that they are subscribed to.

All your private entries will appear with a lock beside them in your list:

StockTickr Private Entry

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