Most Popular Interviews of 2006

February 13th, 2007

I’m still quite pleased with how the interview series is progressing. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from the interviewees and I think it’s great to hear more about people’s background in this online community of ours.

Here’s the most popular interviews in the series in 2006 by page view. Look who’s number one – I guess that shouldn’t surprise anyone!

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the series. If you have any ideas for other traders who would make good interviews, please let me know!

It’s well into February, though. Why am I just now posting a 2006 “best of” list? I’ve had a hectic year so far. It’s taken me a while to catch up in many areas of my life.

  1. Trader-X
  2. Gary B. Smith, the Chartman
  3. Michelle B.
  4. Dave Landry, Swing Trader
  5. Van K. Tharp
  6. Ugly from
  7. J.C., the NYSE Scalper
  8. Brian Shannon, AlphaTrends
  9. Smita Sadana
  10. Bruce Brotnov
  11. Alan Farley
  12. TraderMike
  13. Brett Steenbarger
  14. Jeff White, the Stock Bandit
  15. Bill Cara
  16. Richard Todd
  17. Dan Mirkin, Trade-Ideas
  18. Kernan of
  19. Steve Nison of Candlestick Charts
  20. Roger Nusbaum
  21. Tom C.
  22. Trader Gav
  23. Estocastica
  24. Jamie, Wall St. Warrior
  25. Nusair Bawla (alibawla on StockTickr)

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  1. jeff Said,

    March 4, 2007 @ 5:29 pm

    Thank you for all the work!

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