Announcing StockTickr/Trade-Ideas Integration

February 22nd, 2007

We’ve been quietly working on a new feature that integrates StockTickr with one of my favorite tools that I use every day that I trade: Trade-Ideas. It’s available now to StockTickr Pro subscribers (signup here). Here are some FAQs if you’re ready to start using it and here’s where you can configure your rules. Read on for more of an explanation.

I’m sure there are some of you that are already familiar with Trade-Ideas, but for those that are not here is a description of their service from a press release:

As a pure pattern recognition tool, Trade-Ideas’ focus is on providing next level analytics and decision support via its browser-based or downloadable platform. Via Trade-Ideas clients customize an inventory of alerts and filters to produce a unique view of the markets: theirs.

I created this feature that integrates StockTickr with Trade-Ideas for a couple reasons:

  • I wanted to be notified of opportunities from some of my StockTickr trading buddies that I know trade similar setups as me.
  • I wanted to be able to automatically sync certain stock lists from StockTickr to a Trade-Ideas symbol list.

To accomplish these, I created two facets of the StockTickr / Trade-Ideas integration:

  • Real Time Rules – adds individual stocks from StockTickr to a Trade-Ideas symbol list based on your criteria in real time
  • End of Day Rules – synchronizes entire lists of stocks from StockTickr to a Trade-Ideas symbol list once a day

Real examples of each feature:

Real Time Rule:

Richard and I often share trading ideas and I know that he trades some setups that I might be interested in trading as well. I’ve created a real time rule in StockTickr that automatically adds any stock that Richard adds to StockTickr to a Trade-Ideas symbol list. This way, when Richard adds a stock to StockTickr, I get notified in real time via a Trade-Ideas Alert window.

End of Day Rule:

I like to filter my universe of stocks to ones that have certain characteristics, such as the High Alpha list and Richard’s list of the Best Stocks to Day Trade. This reduces my list of stocks I’m willing to trade from 9,000 or so down to about 200. I used to manually synchronize this list with a Trade-Ideas symbol list that I set up for this purpose. It was a losing battle. I would forget to update the list and manually updating the list took up valuable time.

Since then, I’ve set up an End of Day rule in StockTickr to automatically synchronize that list on a daily basis. I don’t have to lift a finger – it just happens automatically every day. It’s a big time saver for me and because it’s automated, I know that it’s not subject to human error.

There are various symbol lists that are maintained in StockTickr using the StockTickr API. Here are some of the popular lists in StockTickr.

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