One Trade in RIMM

February 26th, 2007

I am hoping to post more about my own trading, which I have been focusing on with my head down for a while now. I have set a goal to post more of my trades on this blog, but I have a lot of commitments so we’ll see how long I am able to last.

I am sure RIMM was on a lot of trading radars today – a gap up nearing an all time high. The first two candles were a little suspect, but it seemed ready to move after the strong third 15 minute candle.

I traded RIMM off the 6th bar on the 15 minute chart. It was the narrowest candle of the morning at that point. I was stopped out during the 15th candle for a -0.63R loss. Moving my stop too soon is becoming a recurring theme in my trading. I will devote an entire post to it soon, I hope. Here’s my eSignal chart for my trade in RIMM and here’s my StockTickr-generated chart review.

RIMM, 15 minute chart, 02/26/2007

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