Using CyberTrader’s Stock Screener List to Find Gaps*

February 27th, 2007

*Or most anything.

Most often I use Trade-Ideas to find gaps to daytrade (look for a post soon showing my morning routine). Normally that scan produces anywhere between 30 and 80 results for both the short and long side (so 60 to 160 total) which I whittle down to usually less than 30 stocks (a lot of times even fewer) that I know there’s at least a possibility that I might trade. The entire process takes about 4 minutes and I’m getting faster the more I do it.

Well, with today’s huge gap down my trusty scan on the short side gave me a list of 443 candidates – ouch! I refused to take the time to scan through that many candidates, so it’s looking like I won’t trade today.

I used the time instead to look into a CyberTrader feature that I’ve wanted to explore more fully. It’s called the Stock Screener List tool and it turns out to be quite powerful. It won’t be able to approach the power that Trade-Ideas gives you, but it’s not too far off. It’s a tool that allows you to execute custom, real-time queries of the market based on a ton of criteria (well, 90 data points, apparently).

It comes with some built-in queries that you can copy and customize. Here’s an image of the queries that come out of the box (click to enlarge):

Stock Screener Built-In Queries

To edit one of the built-in queries, just select the query and then go to the User Queries menu and select Edit Query from the menu. That brings up this window which lets you add additional filters. I took the “Gap Down, Stay Down” query and modified it with some minimum volume criteria (regular volume and volume compared to average volume). You can also control how often the query refreshes (if at all). Why wouldn’t you want the query to update continuously? I found that if I had it update every 30 seconds that the list reorders itself so if I was going through the list when it refreshed I would have to start over. 😉 Here’s an image of the Edit Query screen:

Stock Screen Edit Query

Once you design your query, it will refresh automatically. The list remembers the stocks that have met the criteria already, so once it refreshes, any stocks that meet the criteria for the first time will appear in red – stocks that met the criteria on previous refreshes show in a green font. Here’s an image that shows the results of my gap list this morning.

Stock Screener List Results

Of course, you can double click on each result and have it linked through your normal charts in CyberTrader.

The other neat thing about these queries is that you can save them to a file and share them with other CyberTrader users. In fact, there are many aspects of the platform that are just saved as files that you can share.

Here are the custom queries I was playing around with today if you’re interested in taking a peek. Just drop this file in your Queries directory underneath your CyberTrader installation (probably c:\cybertrader\queries) and then bring up a Stock Screener window and go to File, Load Query File and point to it.

Do you have any useful Stock Screener queries you do on a regular basis? If you’d like, send me your query file and I’ll post it and link to your site.


  1. chicagostock Said,

    April 3, 2007 @ 7:08 pm

    Hi, I was looking for somewhere that I would be able to find stocks that have gapped up or down from the previous day, I came across your blog… What would you recommened? I see you use trade-ideas. Thanks

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