CyberTrader Plugin Available for StockTickr

April 26th, 2007

The most painstaking part of keeping a trading journal of your trades is the fact that you make your trades with your broker and then you have to go and enter them in your journal. If you trade frequently, this process is painful, time consuming, and error prone.

I believe a trading journal is the most important weapon a trader can have and it should be easy to enter trades into. That’s why we’ve created a plugin for CyberTrader that will do 95% of the work it takes to enter your trades into your journal automatically.

I’ve been using the plugin for a few weeks now and it saves me at least 15 minutes every day that I trade and it’s not subject to my human error. It saves me more and more time the more I trade. This way I can spend more time improving my trading and less time doing data entry.

If you’d like to test this plugin and you’re a StockTickr Pro user, you can download it here.

And don’t worry, IB users, we’re busy developing IB support as well. Here’s a screenshot of the plugin in action. If you’re not a StockTickr Pro user yet, you can sign up here for a free trial.

CyberTrader/StockTickr Plugin

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