May Trading Review

June 9th, 2007

Better late than never!  My trading in May started off well, then stagnated a bit during the middle of the month, and then went out with a bang.  Here’s the calendar view from StockTickr.  I made a total of 7.85 R for the month.  Here’s my breakdown by the tags I use in my journal:

Performance by Tag

Tag Total R Win % Expectancy Trades
Dummy Trade 7.69 57.14 1.10 7
long 7.19 42.86 0.34 21
15Min Bars 4.66 60.00 0.93 5
30Min Bars 3.03 50.00 1.51 2
short 0.66 50.00 0.33 2
momentum 0.16 37.50 0.01 16

I’m still trying to be extra selective in my dummy/fib trades – I always try to give myself a pat on the back if I go a day without making any trades.

Here’s a few charts that StockTickr generates for me.

Win Rate


Risk Percent


Total R for 2007


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