Three Trades, One Worked

July 9th, 2007

I made three trades today, one of which worked to bring me into the green for the day in the last half hour.  Longs outnumbered shorts by about 7 to 1 on my trading list today which is a little strange considering my only winning trade was a short sell in PLCE.  It took forever for PLCE to break.  This is a trade that I would have bailed on for a loss a few months ago – instead I hung in there and the price finally dropped after 3:30PM.  I’m always a little uneasy taking setups like this since its so near the low – the that inverted hammer looked too good to pass up.


I also took a losing trading in ALNY.  I’m actually trying an experiment in an attempt to trade more opportunities – we’ll see how that goes.  This was part of that experiment.


Here’s one that I didn’t take, but would have worked out well.  I had it all loaded up in my trading platform, but I passed at the last minute.


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