Beta Testers Needed – Do You Use Real Tick or MB Trading?

August 22nd, 2007

Do you use Real Tick or MB Trading as your broker?  If so, we’d love to have you test out the StockTickr plugin that we created that supports these two brokers.  You’ll get an extended free trial to StockTickr and a very significant discount off the standard subscription rate.

The StockTickr Plugin does the following:

  • Automated Record Keeping – the plugin pulls your executions from your trading platform and inserts them into your StockTickr Trading Journal
  • Trade Type Recognition – the plugin automatically determines the type of trade you made – buy, sell, scale in, scale out, sell short, or buy to cover.
  • Intelligent Default Stops – the plugin uses an algorithm to determine a default stop based on recent trades in your journal.  Of course, you can override the suggested value.
  • Duplicate Trade Avoidance – the plugin queries your journal and avoids entering duplicate trades.  This allows you to run the plugin more than once a day.
  • Default Tags – you can customize the default tags that are applied to each trade in your journal.
  • StockTickr Chart Review – StockTickr will generate charts for all your trades with your entry and exit points plotted right on the chart.
  • Saves You A Lot of Time – you know how important keeping a trading journal and capturing charts of all your trades is – StockTickr does this for you automatically!

The StockTickr Plugin for Real Tick adds the following feature:

  • Optionally enter your entire trading history, not just the most recent day’s trades.

If you’re interested in testing these plugins for us with Real Tick or MB Trading, use the contact form and select Beta Program from the drop down.  Include which broker you use and a brief description about yourself and we’ll send you the links for the plugins.

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    […] found to keep track of my trading stats, data mine trades and improve my edge. I just saw that beta version plugins were created for MB Trading and RealTick. I would highly recommend it for users of those platforms. Trust me, once you try it you […]

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