Bulk Import Your Trades into StockTickr

September 20th, 2007

We’ve recently added a great feature that will help new users get started right off the bat.  You can now import your trading history into StockTickr using a simple form.  If you’ve neglected to keep a trading journal this is a great way to catch up and access all the eye-opening reports that are available in StockTickr.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Export your trades from any Penson based broker (CyberTrader, MBTrading, many others) or Interactive Brokers using their simple and quick reporting sites.
  2. Go to the Bulk Import page in StockTickr and point to the file you generated.
  3. Specify the account value and risk numbers you used for your trades and click Upload Now.

The process is really simple and works very well.  Here are some benefits:

  1. StockTickr matches your “executions” into “trades” and knows which executions correspond to different order types: Buy, Buy to Cover, Short, Sell, Scale In, or Scale Out.
  2. StockTickr automatically determines which trades you have already entered in your journal and imports only the new trades (even if you’ve opened a position in StockTickr and haven’t closed it yet).
  3. StockTickr gives a reasonable default stop value based on the parameters you enter on the initial import screen.
  4. You can specify tags for each trade or use the default tags that you specify in your StockTickr Profile.
  5. Most of the StockTickr Broker Plugins can access only your most recent trading day’s executions – the Bulk Import tool can be used to import your entire trading history.
  6. The StockTickr Chart Review is generated for each trade so you can see your entry, stop, and exit points plotted right on the chart.

Your imported trades are assigned the “import” tag so you can easily identify them within StockTickr, so you can include them or exclude them in any reports you run.

Update: I was reminded by a subscriber that we forgot to add a link for it. We just added one here in the reports section:

Reports, Bulk Import Link

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