Bulk Importing Your Trades in StockTickr – Support for More Platforms

January 16th, 2008

One of the most popular features of StockTickr is the Bulk Import.  Instead of adding your trades manually one at a time, the StockTickr Bulk Import lets you import tons of trades at once using an export file from your broker or trading platform.  Traders like it because it saves a bunch of time and prevents data entry errors.  We’ve recently added support for more platforms:

As the executions go into your journal, StockTickr automatically translates them into actual “trades”.

So for example if you’ve got a list of executions like the following:

Buy 200 AMZN at 91.18 at 9:43AM
Buy 300 AMZN at 91.21 at 9:43AM
Buy 500 AMZN at 91.50 at 9:50AM
Sell 400 AMZN at 91.83 at 9:55AM
Sell 600 AMZN at 91.99 at 10:03AM

StockTickr knows the difference between getting filled for one order at different prices and scaling in or scaling out.  So these executions go into StockTickr as:

Open trade: Long 500 AMZN at 91.20 at 9:43AM
Scale in 500 AMZN at 91.50 at 9:50AM
Scale out 400 AMZN at 91.83 at 9:55AM
Close trade: Sell 600 AMZN at 91.99 at 10:03AM.

StockTickr handles this automatically and also assigns your default tags and calculates and assigns commissions if they’re not included in the export file.  The time savings is immense – one client says this saves him 30 minutes a day compared to the manual record keeping he was doing.


  1. eyal Said,

    January 16, 2008 @ 4:57 am

    Just did this process yesterday for last month’s trades exported from IB, worked great!

  2. Dave Said,

    January 18, 2008 @ 6:24 am


    Thanks for the comments. Yes, it saves a ton of work for sure.

    @ADD Trader:

    Great! After using StockTickr for so long, anytime I have to do something manually it is very painful. 😉

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