TradeStation Users – StockTickr Support Coming Soon, Beta Testers Needed

January 28th, 2008


Support for TradeStation has always been a frequent request from users and we’ll have support very soon.  TradeStation users will enjoy some very nice integration with StockTickr.  Once configured, TradeStation will essentially keep your trading journal for you automatically in REAL TIME.

Whether you’re a strategy trader or a discretionary trade, you’ll also have access to the best performance analysis statistics available that go far beyond what’s available within TradeStation.

You won’t have to lift a finger.  This will be some of the nicest integration of any broker we support.

Do you auto-trade?  You’ll be able to get a real time view of the trades your TradeStation automated strategy has taken from any web browser.  Imagine if you’re away from your trading computer and you want to check how your ATS is doing.  You can just log into StockTickr to see how it’s performing.

Are you interested in beta testing?  In exchange for your help you’ll get access to StockTickr at a significant discount.  Please contact us using this form and include the type of instruments you trade, whether you hold positions overnight, and whether you do any auto trading.

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