Different Automated Trading Systems – Which One Is Right For You?

December 18th, 2008

For new automated traders, it’s always interesting to hear what their mindset is. Specifically, it is interesting to know the type of system they plan on trading – not the specific details of their strategy, but from a very high level.

If you follow this blog you probably already realize that there are at least hundreds if not thousands of profitable systems out there. But how do you find one that YOU can use to make money. If you’ve taken the step into automated trading, you have lots of options.

Here’s one way I like to separate systems into categories for the purposes of automated trading – I think this provides a nice blueprint for how to start thinking about automated trading.

1. Automate a Manual System You Already Trade

The most logical step for a lot of traders is to automate a manual system that they’re already trading. I think this is a great place for most new automated traders to start. It allows you to take small steps into automated trading in an environment that they’re already familiar with – their manual trading system.

By doing the prep work to automate their manual system, the trader has an excellent frame of reference to compare their automated results to since they already have extensive experience manually trading the system. Once they’ve converted this system over to full automation, it provides a good foundation to start delving into other strategies.

The other advantage to this approach is that when you start modeling your strategy and backtesting it, you’ll likely learn a lot more about your manual trading by doing so and your results will be more consistent.

2. Trade a Strategy That Looks For Infrequent Setups

There are a lot of profitable manual systems out there that trade really infrequently. While it’s possible for you to stare at your computer screen all day waiting for the setups to materialize, it’s much more efficient for you to automate this type of system. So while it’s not impossible to manually trade these types of systems, automated trading can give you a clear edge since your automated trading software doesn’t need to take a rest or eat lunch. 😉

I’ve traded systems like this before and inevitably a very frustrating thing happens – you wait for hours looking for the setup and then you get distracted for just a brief period and (of course) that’s the exact time that the signal occurs and you miss it and you torture yourself with the decision to chase it or not.

Automating this type of trading system is usually a big time saver and saves you a lot of wasted effort.

3. Trade a Strategy That’s Impossible to Manually Trade

This class of strategies is probably the biggest reason to start automated trading. There’s a whole universe of strategies out there that are simply impossible to trade manually, but that you can unlock by using automated trading software. For example, let’s say you want to enter 50 orders in the first minute of the trading day all with specific entry and exit criteria. You don’t need me to explain why this is impossible for a human to trade. With software, trading this type of strategy is now possible.

Another reason to trade this type of strategy is that there are probably a much larger pool of traders trading the first two types of strategies. However, because this type of trading can’t be done manually, you’ve excluded the vast majority of traders from your “pool of trading competition”. That is, you’ll essentially be competing against fewer traders.

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