New Trading Robot Version Adds Great New Features

July 1st, 2010

We’ve put the finishing touches on the latest version of the StockTickr Trading Robot. You can use it to automatically trade your Trade-Ideas strategies through your Interactive Brokers account. Here’s an overview of the new features – they open up a whole new world of strategies. We’ll be posting a series of posts over the next few days going into detail about some of the new features.

  • Alert Exit – use another strategy to determine when to exit a position
  • Trend Exit – use an additional strategy to exit all positions from a particular strategy
  • Limit Entry Based on % of Spread – place your limit entry order based on a percent of the spread – great for strategies that trade large spreads.
  • Partial Exits – use scale orders to automatically scale out of your positions within a particular strategy
  • Real-Time Buying Power Awareness – shows up to date buying power in your account and monitors to skip orders that would be rejected due to running out of buying power.
  • Relative Orders – option to use relative orders to enter a position. Also known as “Pegged-to-Primary”, this server held order automatically updates based on the bid/ask. See more details on the relative order.
  • Market If Touched Orders – slightly different than a limit order, the market if touched order turns into a market order if a certain price threshold is met. See more details on the market-if-touched order.

If you’re ready to take your trading to the next level, go grab the robot and introduce some automation into your strategies.

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