Support for Forex Added and a Free Webinar with MB Trading

September 23rd, 2010

We’ve recently added support for over 27 Forex currency pairs on StockTickr. So if you trade Forex then you can now use StockTickr to track your performance and become a better trader. Sign up now and take a free trial.

Learn more about improving your trading with StockTickr in a free webinar scheduled for next Tuesday, September 28th at 8PM ET. The webinar is sponsored by MB Trading. You can sign up here.

StockTickr provides:

  • Trade Charting – Analyze your trades on charts with your entry, exit, and stop price automatically plotted right on the chart allowing you to quickly review dozens of trades by flipping through charts and identifying new patterns.
  • Dozens of Reports – Access to easy to use reports that show how you can take your trading to the next level, for example by changing how you take profits or manage stops.
  • Backtesting – Run simulations and what-if scenarios to see how you can improve your trading. Use the backtester to help you answer questions such as: would you be better of scaling out of trades? Or, would you be better off using a target across your trades?
  • Categorize with Tags – Use tags to classify your trades and view reports and charts for subsets of your trades. Now you can easily see performance across different types of strategies you are trading and identify the most promising ones.
  • Automated Trading, Graphs, and much, much more.