Didn’t Log All Your Futures Trades? Use StockTickr To Upload Trade History

October 11th, 2010

Didn’t log all your futures trades into a journal but still want to analyze your trading and improve your edge? No problem! We’ve just added support for uploading trade history from Transact Futures monthly statements using the StockTickr Bulk Import feature.

This is a nice addition for futures traders with firms that clear through Transact (Infinity Futures for one). Instead of starting from scratch or manually entering trade by trade you can now import your entire trade history into StockTickr right off the bat which makes the performance analysis that StockTickr provides that much more valuable.

Here’s an example of what you can analyze, learn more here.

  • Which times of the day are you most profitable and which are costing you money?
  • What’s the typical amount of ticks or dollars a position goes against you but still ends up profitable?
  • Does your trading exhibit streaks, is it better to press it when things go your way or maybe not?
  • Is System A that you’re trading better than the new System B you’re trying out?
  • Want to keep track of performance during Fed day? Just tag those trades as FedDay and analyse them separately.

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