June Trading Review

July 1st, 2007

As I mentioned before, June was a rough month.  I finished the month down 2.5R for my first month in the red since last October, but in terms of dollars it was just below break even for the month.  That’s because I’m using different risk levels for the two different systems I’m trading.

June was rough not because my system was failing me, but because I was failing my sytem.  My trading was littered with mistakes throughout the month.  It all started by not getting fills on two great opportunities early on this day.  That made me overtrade the rest of the day and enter trades far too early in the day.  Before that day of the month, I was just under break even.  That put me decidedly negative for the month which was unfamiliar territory.  It seems like all the rules I had tried to instill into my trading over the last several months were too easily broken.  I went back to moving my stop too soon on this trade and on this trade.  There was a power outage this day which prevented me from trading and I spent a week on vacation where I couldn’t trade.

Let there be no doubt that I have no one but myself to blame for this month.  If I’d have just followed my rules for the entire month, it would have been another solid month (like last month).  Call me an eternal optimist, but it’s months like this that reinforce my rules and give me confidence.  Here’s a few more observations on this month:

  • Simply following my rules would have made last month profitable.
  • I trade with a completely different mindset when I’m negative for the month.
  • Moving my stop too soon is always a bad thing for me to do – my journal repeatedly tells me this.
  • Patience before and after my entries is very important to my trading.
  • Even with numerous mistakes I was still close to a profitable month.
  • Despite being in negative territory, I was always less than one good profitable trade away from being green for the month.

Here’s my performance by tag report, which is pretty ugly.  I’ve added a couple more tags to differentiate between pure dummy plays and Dummy/Fib plays.

Performance by Tag

Tag Total R Win % Expectancy Trades
15-30 Combo 3.86 100.00 3.86 1
15Min Bars 3.60 50.00 0.45 8
Real Dummy 2.88 50.00 1.44 2
short 1.74 36.36 0.16 11
Dummy Trade -1.96 33.33 -0.16 12
30Min Bars -2.68 16.67 -0.45 6
momentum -3.50 16.67 -0.29 12
long -4.32 20.00 -0.29 15

May Trading Review

June 9th, 2007

Better late than never!  My trading in May started off well, then stagnated a bit during the middle of the month, and then went out with a bang.  Here’s the calendar view from StockTickr.  I made a total of 7.85 R for the month.  Here’s my breakdown by the tags I use in my journal: Read the rest of this entry »

April Review – Still Improving

May 1st, 2007

You may remember last month I started trading an additional system. It worked out great in March, but even better in April. When I started the breakout trading, I thought it might lead me to over trade. Oddly enough, I think trading two systems has allowed me to be more selective with trades in both systems.

If you trade different systems or variations of the same system, StockTickr’s use of tagging makes it Read the rest of this entry »